About Us

1. At what age can a child begin classes?

We usually admit children starting at age 5. For younger children, we may assess on a case by case basis.

2. When do you accept new students?

Beginners are typically admitted in the Fall of each year, and classes begin on Vijayadashmi day.
We do admit students who have already learnt bharathanatyam, during the rest of the year as well. We will assess their level and determine a suitable class that matches their proficiency.

3. How often are classes held?

Classes are typically held once a week. Some Juniors, Seniors and Advanced students do attend multiple classes a week.

4. How long are the classes?

The class duration is typically for an hour. During intense practice for productions and programs, the class can be longer.

5. Do you offer individual classes?

We do offer individual classes to students if we determine this will benefit the student. Beginners will typically attend group classes where they can interact with their peers and be more motivated to practice their lessons.

6. Do you teach adults?

Yes, we teach adults. We have adults who are beginners, others who have learnt dance before, and are returning after a hiatus, and mothers joining their daughters as well!

7. Do you teach boys?

Yes. The school enrolls male students as well!

8. What should I bring for class?

Students should bring a notebook, pen or pencil, water bottle.
Salwar kameez, tights and a dupatta or sash are recommended.
No tank tops, shorts or cut-offs!
Long hair should be braided or tied.

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